Our Equipment:


Our state of the art top of the line Italian pasta extruder machine can produce 265 lbs of fresh pasta per hour. This machine is made entirely of stainless steel and has a double fan system and water cooling system with a large mixing and extruding bin. This machine can attach to other machines that can automatically cut the pasta or roll out pasta sheets as depicted below:equipment

We use only bronze dies and have many dies for different shapes of pastas.

This machine can cut our long pastas very rapidly and we can regulate the thickness of the sheet.

Pasta dryer:
This machine also made entirely of stainless steel has four drawers that can dry the pastas by eliminating moisture using cool air flow in addition to reducing the humidity level on filled pastas such as raviolis.

machine made entirely of stainless steel with an hourly capacity of 30 kg, this is used for the pasteurization of our fresh filled pastas such as raviolis.

Ravioli Extruder:
Our ravioli extruding machine can make about 100 kg per hour with option to extrude a large ravioli or mini raviolis (for kids or dessert). The desired filling amount can be regulated and uses stainless steel filling canisters.

As our production has increased we will be offering new pasta cuts soon. Please be sure to check back with us for an updated list of products available. 
Note to wholesale accounts: If you have a special request of a shape that we do not currently make, please let us know! We can special order any die. Ask to view our catalogue of bronze dies for pasta shapes you are looking for.