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Homemade Pasta



Born in Roma, Italy , Angelo has been in the fresh pasta restaurant industry since age of 18. When Angelo was in his early teens, his  parents started an agriculturist restaurant in Italy where he helped in making fresh pasta and sold to the public. Due to high demand of high quality and fresh products, they opened their first trattoria. 

After his father was drafted from the Italian Military for WWII, his family then migrated to Venezuela and opened their first Italian Restaurant in 1959 making fresh pasta by hand.


The restaurant became fine dining serving the most elite clientele. The second restaurant was opened in the 1970's where Angelo was involved in ALL aspects of pasta production and management. He took over both restaurants at the age of 18 when his father passed away. 

In the 1980's, Angelo migrated to the United States to pursue a new business venture. After achieving his aspirations in the US, Angelo decided that it was time to continue his family's tradition. 

In late 2013, he opened Trevi Pasta in College Park, Florida which specialized in fresh pasta making, an Italian market and small service restaurant. Since growing up in Rome from an early age, Angelo has had many fond memories at Fontana di Trevi (aka Trevi Fountain) which lends to the name "Trevi Pasta". 

He went on to launch a full wholesale production line of fresh pasta known as Trevi Pasta Factory in Longwood, Florida.     


Today, Trevi Pasta Factory services top restaurants & chefs throughout Florida. 

Angelo's talent is a true art, which has earned him the name

Michel 'Angelo' of Pasta.

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