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Join the Trevi Pasta Society and indulge in the delicious world of handmade fresh pasta. As a member, you will receive monthly our finest pasta creations, carefully crafted by our expert pasta makers. Each delivery will feature a different variety of pasta, from classic long cuts to more unique shapes that are choosen for you each month and will rotate so that each month you experience something new. 

Our pasta is made with only the finest ingredients, ensuring a truly authentic Italian taste. Elevate your pasta game with a membership to the Trevi Pasta Society and experience the joy of premium handcrafted pasta right in your own home.

Pasta Society Membership

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
5-6 People
$80.95every month until canceled
  • This membership includes a total of 12/ 6oz portions of pasta per month:   

    • 6 portions of long cut pasta / 6 portions of short cut pasta. 
    • We will choose one long & one short cut for you  so that you enjoy the experience of pasta in a new way each month. 
    • Pasta cooking instructions.
    • Recipe of the month for inspiration on how to get the best out of your fresh pasta
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